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Drinks, art, music, creativity, we are looking for all the beautiful things and moments in life.  

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Our Drinks

Tea is our passion. We create our tea drinks the way we build our dreams.

We sell fresh fusion tea that commits to the best quality in the Netherlands. We select premium tea leaves from the most authentic tea plantations in Asia to ensure a real tea enjoyment, pure and fresh!
Biu!Tea Fruit Series

Fruit Tea & FrappuTeano:
Fresh tea + seasonal fruits.

Biu!Tea Milk Series

Milk Tea:
Fresh Tea + Fresh milk or cream + bubbles or toppings.

Biu!Tea Energy Series

Hot drink:
Power fruit and brown sugar.

We have a


In traditional Chinese culture, tea drinking is an important social activity to meet people, as well as a form of art and ritual.

At Biu!Tea, also positioned as a modern tea gallery, we aim to provide a warm space for people to make genuine connections while enjoying freshly brewed tea drinks with an unforgettable taste!

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We are located
in the most Artistic neighbourhood.

Located in the absolute artistic centre of Amsterdam, within three minutes walking distance to the famous Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Moco Museum and Concertgebouw, Biu!Tea enables the shortest access to the world’s most admired culture wealth and historic treasures!

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We gather the most Creative brains.

Are you a Creative Professional who wants to be connected to like-minded talents in an inspirational environment?

Are you an Independent Artist who wants to share your stories and original artworks in a personalised setting?

Are you a Passionate entrepreneur who wants to test the international consumer markets in an efficient and cost-effective way?

Biu!Tea Space has all the solutions precisely meeting your needs.

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