Dream Chaser

Our founding team consists of a group passionate dreamers and doers who came from different parts of China and settled down in Holland. We traveled far away across oceans to chase our dreams. Like everyone else, we had doubts, were challenged, and sometimes even got frustrated, but we never forgot our beautiful initial aspirations to be the true self!

Be Pretty !

We are a consultant, an accountant, a designer, an artist, an entrepreneur and an investor. Our most common characteristic is the pursuit of beauty. Yes! We think we are all beautiful people, we want to live a beautiful life, and we are dedicated to make our world beautiful.


We created a dreamland called Biu!Tea, a place to attract passionate people to make beautiful contacts and share wonderful experiences. Our mission is to build up an international creative community where tradition can thrive in modernity, cultures can spread across borders, fun souls can share great ideas.

Meet our people

Yishi Huang

Fashion Fairy

Chaw-Ming Lee

Captain M

Xuyang Zhao

Brand Director
Life hacker

Bei Wang

Communication & Media
Queen B

Jimmy Huang

Visual Magician
I take pictures

Emily Leong

Shop Manager
Madame Delicatesse

Tianchuan Shi

Tea Tender
Diligent brain

Zhangmin Wang

Tea Tender
Lady Zen

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